Asset Management tool is a free software that helps you manage company hardware and software across multiple locations

Identify assets and tag them to vendors, locations and users so that they can benefit from the tool. Our expert team will continue to add features and improve your experience

Anyone who wants to manage their IT inventory can use this tool.

No, you don’t have to pay any fees for using the tool. The tool is 100% free.

Techjockey is providing this tool free of charge and will keep adding new features to innovate and update the tool to help its customers. The company has no plan to discontinue this tool in near future.

Techjockey is providing a free Asset Management tool to create awareness about its brand and reach out to a larger audience. There is not any hidden agenda.

Yes, please refer to the User Guide document attached in the help and support section.

Yes, your data will be kept secure and be used for internal purposes only. We will not share your data with any third-party entities.